Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1 2 3 !

1) Go to the market and get some fresh cherry tomatoes.
2) Make Pasta.
While your pasta is cooking in a pot with plenty of water,
in a skillet with 2 spoonful of olive oil, toss 3 cloves of garlic
 for 1 minute, then take them out. Add 15 halved cherry tomatoes,
and about 10 black olives, a bunch of basil leaves, and salt.
Sprinkle with white wine, and let it cook off tossing the skillet.
At this point, your pasta should be "al dente", (remember:
a good pasta takes about 14 minutes to cook)! Drain,
toss into the skillet,  mix well, sprinkle with fresh
chopped parsley. Buon Appetito.

3) Wash the dishes.
Ok. I know. Seems incredible that you need all this
pots and pans to cook for 2 persons. Not at all, if you
have married an italiano! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Craft corner. Work in progress

I am back to my craft corner. And I thank my son's girlfriend for that. And I say thanks too, to trash television, with all those reality shows crowded of people that cook, get married, or is "16 and pregnant", etc, which makes me seek my corner when I have a moment.
 Fortunately there is "Castle" once a week to cheer me up. Of course, I am waiting for his proposal to Becket.
I started with a "funky jewelry project". Funky jewelry and crafts, really tickles creativity, makes you to look at your stash from a different point of view.
 I had that vintage lace, silk and pearls for ages laying in a box. The small mirrors were part of my miniature's stash.
 I made also, years ago, a bunch of paper beads, and I put them in a box waiting for inspiration.
Finally I've got it! And the result is: 40 pair of earrings finished and packed to Germany.
The work in progress: A cuff of vintage lace, bracelets and earrings of silicon tube and paper beads.
Would be challenging, that's for sure. So, as a two "end of the year resolution" I will: 1st) Fight against procrastination, and get everything ready before Christmas. 2nd) Keep blogging. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Porta Portese

Porta Portese its the biggest Sunday flea market of Rome. Though its not as used to be, quite chaotic, sometimes even thrilling (sometimes police has to be called because somebody  found some object stolen earlier at their homes ). Today, though more structured as any other market, its still full of surprises, like:  

"italian art"

Mr Lenin

Mr Mussolini

Vintage buttons

More vintage buttons

And the "treasure" I came with for my "funky jewerly project"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

paper beads 2

More paper beads. This time I wished to try music sheet and  something different; but as the original was a vintage sheet music, I didn't wish to ruin it, so I made a copy and tried. Hmmm...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

funky stuff

What is my favorite craft? Well, I love to do: 1)necklaces. 2) bracelets. 3) patchwork.
Earrings were not in the last place of my preferences... until I started to sort my stash... And the earrings madness started. This is my first bunch, and they will be going right to Berlin...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Paper beads

I am trying to make chunky paper beads. This is my final attempt. Next step: make funky jewelry.
Surfing on the net, there are a zillion tutorials; but none about chunky paper beads. Mine are doing with a 1,5 cm triangle of a 30cm magazine sheet, gathering 10 triangles and rolling.
Basics are here: http://diyfashion.about.com/od/diyjewelrymaking/ss/Paper_Beads.htm
Have fun! :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Italians do it better

I've been living in Italy for  35 years, and if its true a lifetime isn't enough to know everything about this wonderful country, on the contrary, there is necessary only one minute to fell in love for ever with the sense of beauty and culture that can be breathed in every stone.
I still feel a privileged human being to know that in less than an hour, any time I wish, I can see the Colosseum, or get into a church and stand in awe in front of the Caravaggio's master works,  or going to Florence and sit down in front of the Botticelli "Spring" and feel overwhelmed by its beauty. 
This is my country, although my roots, my mother tongue, my own country, so to speak, is faraway from here, in South America. But this is the place where I founded a family, where I learned another tongue, my place in the world. 
Well, why I feel the need to speak about it? Because I don't know if I am more angry than depressed after I've read this:
Florence's Major decided to let for cocktails and private parties several of the most beautiful and unique monuments in the world:
5000 euros The Cave of Boboli http://www.borghiditoscana.net/eng/tuscany/firenze/firenze/boboli_garden/grotta_del_buontalenti.html
Palazzo Pitti's patio, 15000 euros
Pitti's Palatine Gallery, a cocktail in front of the Madonna of Raffaello, it costs 10000 euros
And the worst of it: A party in the company of Botticelli's "Spring Allegory", and the "Birth of Venus" costs "only" 150000 euros.
I will like what my foreign friends think about.